21 | May
"Humphrey's Peak"
General: 1:16 PM on 5/16/08 | Canon 20D
Technical: 1/80sec | f/11.0 | 40mm (64mm) | ISO-200
Lens: EF 17-40mm f/4L USM
Exposure Mode: Av (Aperture Priority)
Exposure Bias: -2/3
Flash: No

Note: I debated whether to use this image, or the first one posted. I opted for this because of the cleaner look.

The highest point in Arizona, Humphrey's Peak (left) stands at 12,637 ft (3,852 m), rising 6,040 ft above the surrounding planes as part of the San Francisco Peaks, a group of extinct volcanoes. The second highest of the San Francisco Peaks (different link) is Agassiz Peak (right).

I hope to hike the summit of Humphrey's Peak this July. (an elevation gain of about 3,400 ft). By then, the snow will be gone. In fact, the snow is almost gone now, just several days after this photo was taken.

This photo is from my recent trip to Flagstaff/Sedona. I will hopefully have more photos up soon (including some film shots).

Processing: Contrast, curves, straight grayscale conversion (not using color channels). I used a polarizer, which is the reason for the deep blue sky (see color version), and therefore, the resulting dark sky in the grayscale conversion.

categories: landscape monochrome

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