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"Peaceful Heights"

This image can't help but reminding me of the peacefulness of soaring far above the earth (provided you have some way to get down safely). This photo was taken on a flight somewhere; I don't remember where, exactly.

This image is from film as you might have guessed. Just this past week, we acquired a Nikon Coolscan V ED film scanner. So far, I've been fairly happy with it, except for the software's lack of a non-automated color correction. (ie, it won't just scan the negative "as is"). Yes, I've tried VueScan, but the ICE (dust/scratch reduction) doesn't work as well. Anyway, I've been having fun scanning quite a few images, though I doubt I'll get to the all of the 1500+ images I have on film.

categories: film sunrise/sunset

Thoughts of: Ulla
June 2nd, 2008 at 6:32 AM

Unbelievable colour!

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